8 Reasons Your Dog Hates Nail Trims

...And What Dog Owners Can Do About It

Hosted by Jasmine Pulido, Experienced Positive Reinforcement Dog Groomer/Dog Trainer, Owner of Penny Paws

925 NW 49th St Seattle, WA 98107


She's a good girl. So why doesn't she act like one for nail trims?

She is suffering from a simple process that should be easy. You are suffering too with the anxiety of coaxing her into the car and unwillingly dragging her every step into the grooming salon. You loathe that guilty moment when she looks at you with her pleading, round eyes begging to be rescued. It kills you a little inside to hear her desperate whines as they pull her into the back room where you can't see or help her.

You wish you could help her.

There's just no other way to make this better for her.

But you are dedicated to finding a better way. That's how much you care about her.

In this workshop you will finally learn the answers to...

What is really going on?

Learn the the most common body condition going unnoticed that is causing pain during nail trims, the subtle signs she is desperately trying to send that you are missing, and  how your mindset is unintentionally messing up your dog's outcomes.

How can you help her?

Educate yourself on all what's happening around you that is unknowingly feeding into your puppy's fear and how to change it.

How can it get done without forcing her?

Leave with force-free, guilt-free tools centered on positive reinforcement that respect your dog's needs and still get the job done.

About the Presenter

Jasmine is a positive reinforcement dog trainer, dog groomer, and the owner of Penny Paws In-Home Dog Grooming in Seattle, WA. 

Jasmine has a Bachelor's degree in Biology with an emphasis on "Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution" (EBE), and over a decade of experience working alongside groomers and trainers at places like PETCO, Ahimsa Dog Training, Downtown Dog Lounge, Companion Animal Solutions and San Diego County Animal Shelter. She has logged well over 10,000 hours developing her expertise with dogs.

"We just wanted to start Moses off without being afraid of nail trims. Moses doesn't even flinch when Jasmine comes. I don't worry about it and I don't get anxious. He doesn't get anxious. I recommend her 11 out of 10 stars!"

Deb. M & Moses
Worry-Free Nail Trim Client

It's easier than you think.

It doesn't need to involve you hanging your dog from a net, having multiple dog groomers on hand, or sedation. All it needs to involve is you and a couple of expert tools.


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